Monday, January 22, 2007

I Prefer Bad Breath to Blowhard DJs

I really should just ignore this but our guy Bri is typical of a certain non-thinking subset of reactionary conservatives. Actually, frothing at the mouth Hillary hating is kind of funny because those with this affliction really have a tough time explaining it when questioned. Ol’ Bri gives it a shot though. To be fair, he says he doesn’t “hate” Hillary only because he hasn’t met her in person but...
She thinks she's smarter than me. She thinks she's smarter than anyone in the room. The "vibe" she gives off - comes from way over my head, and she feels the need to talk down to me. She is the polar opposite of Bill (I wasn't crazy about him either) - but he connected to people in a way she never will. I ask myself if she has a chance receiving votes from "regular people." These are the voters in the "fly over" states - the red states in between New York & California (The whole country) I see Homer, Ed & Jimmy sitting at a coffee shop in Springfield Missouri drinking coffee. Hillary sees herself as intellectually superior to these people.
Good Lord, where to begin. First, notice this almost-hatred isn’t based on anything concrete just a “vibe”. He knows she thinks she’s smarter than everyone. However, not one area of policy is mentioned in Bri’s post. Nope it’s all a sense of Hillary thinking she’s so smart. Oh, what a bitch!

And what’s this “regular people” crap? Look pal, I have relatives on both coasts and family and many friends right here in the Midwest. And you know what, they’re all Americans, good people and no more or less “regular” than their counterparts in other parts of the country. How spectacularly simplistic and arrogant to assume your own superiority by virtue of the fact that you live in “regular” Springfield, IL.

And in case you didn’t know it, Illinois is a blue state and it’s between New York and California. It’s a geographical fact, look it up. Oh sorry, that didn’t come off as me knowing more than you did it?

And what do you know of being “regular”? Making a living off of sitting behind a microphone pretending not to be married to your co-host for several hours a day is a fine thing (I worked in radio myself for many years) but it’s not exactly what I would call “regular”. Again, stop me if I’m acting smarter then you.

Bri also says:
So Hillary is the front runner. According to whom? Average Americans?
Now are these “Average Americans” who should be in charge of who is the frontrunner the same people who are “regular” Americans? Actaully, if you’ll indulge a bit of smarty-pantsism on my part, Hillary is currently, nearly two years out from the election, the frontrunner among Democrats who we all know aren’t “regular” or “American” (or patriotic or in any way normal).

But here’s a surprise for you Bri –I don’t like Hillary as a presidential candidate either. The difference is, that opinion is based on the issues and how she’s handled them, not some inferiority complex and Limbaugh-inspired demonization. You should talk to more “regular” people who don’t believe exactly as you do. Hate will just eat you up inside.

Update: It also just occurred to me that Hillary grew up in Illinois and lived a big part of her adult life in Arkansas. My map has those places between the two coasts of irregular people.


Anonymous said...

You left out the best part. "Other things I abhor come to mind. (Did I say abhor?) I don't like brussel sprouts, crying babies & rap music. I'm not fond of flat tires, skipping CD's & stains on the carpet. I can't stand the smell of women getting a perm, playing soccer, bad breath & pens that explode ink inside my shirt pocket - yet I prefer all these things to Hillary Clinton."

75 of Illinois' 102 counties agree with Bri.

Dave said...

Counties don't vote, people do. That's an utterly meaningless statistic. But then I suppose people in Chicago and anywhere else that disagrees with you aren't "regular" so their votes count for less. Or at least that's the way you guys would have it.

Anonymous said...

You seem very defensive. Brian is entitled to his opinion. That's all that was. He doesn't have to prove anything to you to have that opinion. I bet his opinion mirrors that of his listeners.
Dissect his opinion all you want, he'll still be creeped out by Hillary.

Dave said...


I never told Brian to shut up or suggested he wasn’t entitled to an opinion. I’m simply challenging the basis for that opinion. Are you saying his words can’t be questioned? He published them on a blog on the web. They’re fair game.

Anonymous said...

You see they look at that vast open space of desert, and farmland and see red. It's red! It's all red!

Population 101, two coyotes, and five tumble weeds.

And they just know they're winning, they truly do.

One day it will be all ours!

Of course they ignore the shifting demographics in which they will be a minority within their own lifetimes.

Let them have their illusion, it's all that keeps them from running up to Montana - or one of those last stand states - isn't that what you guys have prepared?


Anonymous said...

You see this here's cald the blogosphere!

Wee's entitled to our o-pinions.
If we nose howta rite we can rite em rite here on the wolrd wise web!

Just like you did when you posted your comment.


Anonymous said...

I think you forgot one extremely important point: since when is being smart (and knowing it) a bad thing for the leader of the Free World? Look at the current President, who seems to revel in not being so bright; or, better yet, take the example of our Governor, who seems to brag about his mediocre performance in school. Those guys definitely don't give off the "vibe"; and both of them are failures as leaders.