Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Springfield’s Newest Blogger: Dick Durbin

This is a fine thing and all, but wouldn’t it be great if elected officials blogged more like their constituents do. They might need to go anonymous or face the loss of votes from pissing-off too many people (do you think I or Jim Leach or Jerome Prophet would EVER win an election?).

Durbin might have BuckFushNow.blogger.com and put up taunting posts directed at the administration. His first post might be headlined I Prefer Bad Breath to Dick Cheney or some such. He might want to carry a cell phone around to grab candid and unflattering shots of political opponents, etc.

Barack Obama could post to his Disarranging My Madrassa blog where he displays his latest funny Photoshops of Hillary. He could also have links to Amazon.com to boost book sales.

Tim Davlin’s Springfield All Mine blog would also be a big hit. It would be a series of recent photos taken around town that when you move your mouse over them, they turn into a crappy black and white photo from some other administration. Bright and colorful city / dull, gray city of old. Now who do you like?

Unfortunately, I’m afraid all that would appear on Gov. Blagojevich’s Throwing a Rod blog would be a convenient PayPal link. Not too interesting I’m afraid.

But some would likely look forward to the latest posts on John Shimkus’ Hot Buff Congressional Pages.com. His blog nom-de-plum being something like Brad Beefcake.

Well, just food for thought. A little more candor might be refreshing and the blogosphere is just the place to cut loose and let it fly.


Anonymous said...

I'd vote for ya Dave

Anonymous said...

Very funny stuff!

To add a little to the fun:

Strom: OMG! I'm Springfield's What!
Libri: DemFreeSpringfield

Anonymous said...

DD is a hack. Give me a friggin' break.
From your posts. you appear to need a life. Get one soon, before it's too late.

Dave said...

Thanks for the concern CC but I've already got too much life right now. Have a nice day.