Saturday, January 27, 2007

Life During Wartime

This about says it all…
Thousands of anti-war protesters demanded a withdrawal of U.S. troops in a demonstration in Washington today. … About 40 people staged a counter-protest.
And while we’re on the subject of the Bush Glorious War, I have finally had something confirmed to me. I was told several years ago, at the start of the BGW, that all those Support the Troops signs in yards and on the back of cars were really just to show support of the troops. I contended that those signs were really designed to show support for the war while hiding behind the troops to insulate the sentiment from criticism.

Well, how many of those signs do you see anymore? What, those former supporters of the troops now DON’T support the troops? No, more likely they now no longer support the war or have problems with its execution. Those signs (most but not all) never really had much to do with the troops. Just like I said.

Everyone “supports” the men and women in uniform. The war isn’t their fault. That’s why I found it particularly offensive for some to use that “support” to squelch criticism of the war itself. If you really support the troops maybe you should consider a “Get the Troops the Hell Out of Iraq” sign.

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Anonymous said...

If Sec. of Defense Gates were to read this, he would tell ya that this post emboldens the enemy.