Tuesday, January 02, 2007

UFO Over Illinois?

From the X Files, Northern Illinois division:
CHICAGO -- Federal officials say it was probably just some weird weather phenomenon, but a group of United Airlines employees swear they saw a mysterious, saucer-shaped craft hovering over O'Hare Airport last fall.

The workers, some of them pilots, said the object didn't have lights and hovered over an airport terminal before shooting up through the clouds, according to a report in Monday's Chicago Tribune.

The Federal Aviation Administration acknowledged that a United supervisor had called the control tower at O'Hare, asking if anyone had spotted a spinning disc-shaped object. But the controllers didn't see anything, and a preliminary check of radar found nothing out of the ordinary, FAA spokeswoman Elizabeth Isham Cory said.

"Our theory on this is that it was a weather phenomenon," Cory said. "That night was a perfect atmospheric condition in terms of low (cloud) ceiling and a lot of airport lights. When the lights shine up into the clouds, sometimes you can see funny things."
Yeah, well the aliens probably left in search of a less crowded terminal.


Anonymous said...

Definately a reflection of a fast moving cloud.

Sounds like they're pretty desparate at this point to create an incident.

But why the airport?

Let's see - because a bunch of professionals who have a great deal of aviation experience would see it?

And then would come the explantion which would fail to convince any ordinary person.

Uncle Sam - please stop wasting our tax dollars on this stuff.


Anonymous said...

It's almost as bad as CNN's little mistake with the spelling of Osama's name.

First comes the act.
Then the response.
Then the denial.

The effect has been created.
The denial is just part of the illusion - as any magician will tell you - misdirection is the key.

Conspiracy? Nope, just manipulation.