Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Nothing Will Be Done

Following up on JP’s post on last night’s State of the Union message, I’ve noticed all Presidents since at least Jimmy Carter have promised to do something about energy policy in general and oil dependence in particular. But nothing substantial ever happens. Why do they bother? It reminds me of people (and that would sometimes include me) who constantly vow to eat better and exercise more but just never get around to it because, well, it’s hard. So here we have yet another New Years resolution on its way to being broken. At least the sentiment was good unlike most of the rest of the speech which featured more war, lies about the economy and the national deficit, and a really bad idea that would raise taxes on health insurance.

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Anonymous said...

Bush has made big promises on the environment in every state of the union speech. Remember his big line about hydrogen cars a year or two ago? Whatever happened to that? Nothing. He talks about it every year and every year he makes sure the Republican Congress doesn't pass anything meaningful. It will be interesting to see if the Democrats force Bush to actually do something this time now that they have control. Maybe I'll make this my own blog.