Thursday, July 12, 2007


This morning in front of a pediatrician’s office:

Two flighty teenage girls come bounding down the steps of the building where they encounter an approaching young couple carrying their new born in a car seat carrier. Quickly, and without stopping, one of the girls remarks, “Like your baby!”


Anonymous said...

I don't feel that most teenage girls consider babies to be an accessory.

While you were out burning plastic model tanks to the sound of mouth fart explosions your sisters were inside playing mommy with their dolls.

Essentially, preparing.

Despite all the so called changes in gender role expections since then girls end up spending a lot of time preparing for their role as the primary caregiver years before they even like boys.

And the tendency, which is hormone related, and reinforced by social expectations doesn't end it seems.

If there's a large group of women here in the office I could be my fortune that there's a baby at the center of the the crowd.

Also, whenever we'd bring my daughter who was small at the time into the nursing home to visit my mother - even those residents who were severely disabled due to Alzheimers would find a way to move their wheelchairs to come close to my daughter.

Females are essentially superior to men in every way and this is the clearest sign of it.

A world run by men is near the verge of self destruction my friend, may females rule.


Anonymous said...


While I will not say that men are superior to women in every way, there are many things in which men are without doubt superior:

1. Strength
2. hand-eye coordination
3. Business
4. Running governments
5. Intelligence
6. Cooking
7. Driving
8. Handling emotions
9. Making decisions
10. Bread winners
11. Athletic ability
12. Painting

Women are superior to men in the following:

1. raising children
2. Cleaning the house
3. Dressing
4. Following through with things
5. Determination

Dave said...

Ladies, Rick has spoken. The floor is open.

Anonymous said...

While I was in charge of fort communications, I often found myself hefting a branch to defend said fort.

Anonymous said...

I think the #1 way that women are superior to men is in their refusal to be baited by morons. Have a lovely day, Rick.

ThirtyWhat said...

OMIGOD ... I am so sorry I haven't logged in lately. I totally missed Rick's "Dwight Schrute" impression. Wow ... I've GOT to get online more. That was DEAD on.