Thursday, July 19, 2007

Wrong Track

I’ve always been reluctant to draw any specific conclusions about the so-called “right direction/wrong track” polls. You know, where the pollsters ask if the country is headed in the right direction or is on the wrong track. That’s because the definition of “right and wrong” here differs for everyone. For example, I might say the country is on the wrong track based on my dislike of the Iraq war. Someone who supports the war might also give a wrong track answer because they think there are too many people in government and media who don’t support the war, or that the war isn’t being prosecuted aggressively enough. Opposite opinions with the same poll result.

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Anonymous said...


I agree with you about polls. We have so many that often make opposite points that it is obvious that they really dont mean a thing.

I also do not understand why there is such heavy emphasis on approval polls. I vote for a politician to make decisions for me based on his/her character, beliefs, etc...I dont understand the media's addiction with always citing polls on every issue. Heck, the technology is there for the american public to vote on every single matter that comes up. Do people think we live in a pure democracy?