Sunday, July 22, 2007

Living in Fear

Good lord, if you’re that scared don’t go to Washington Park at all. This stuff drives me nuts. I think a lot of people must enjoy being frightened. It makes them feel alive or something. Look for the Lake Springfield snake-monster thing to show up in the lagoon any day now.

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Anonymous said...


This attacker probably won't stop. Like an animal he'll hunt around looking for someone weaker to prey upon.

The park offers many advantages to a predator especially early in the morning.

This animal in human form deliberately chose the time, and place. He will strike again.

No he's learned a bit more about when, and where to approach his victim. He's learning, getting experienced, and he's more frustrated than ever.

No, he'll strike again - he craves it. The thrill of violence, of creating terror in his victim.

Reminds me of the scumbag who was out on work release who was scumming around the Adams bird park north of town - right around the same time I was out there taking photos with my spouse last year.

I felt perfectly safe at the time, not knowing what animal lurked out there.

This is the guy the cops found with a rape kit (screwdriver, rope, and nylon stockings) and questioned briefly before letting him go? SPD on top of things there.

I guess if I were a brawney guy with a gun I wouldn't feel any threat walking around alone at 5:30 A.M. out at Washington Park, but I'd say it probably isn't safe for anyone else - except maybe Dave - he's a blackbelt in Judo.