Monday, July 09, 2007

Not Getting Out the Vote

It’s nice that we’re in the lead, but why do we have only 12,000+ votes? Many of us have voted more than once and the contest for Simpson supremacy has received lots of media attention. Add to that the fact that the polls have been open for more than a week, and I have to wonder why we don’t have more votes. I guess we should have been nicer to Chicago.


ThirtyWhat said...

Stupid question ... is there a "submit" button on that ballot anywhere? I voted for Springfield a week ago ... and thought it was odd that there was no submit button.

When I went back this morning, Illinois is still highlighted and says "your vote." I thought we were going to be able to vote once a day? Guess I had that part wrong. Anyway ... just wondering. :)

Dave said...

I think you're limited to one vote per computer (unless you go in and delete cookies or whatever)and your vote sticks as soon as you click on your favorite (no submit function)