Friday, July 06, 2007

Friday Beer Blogging: Little Kings Edition

I was buying beer at Sams Clab last weekend to restock the garage beer fridge when I spied a case of Rolling Rock. I hadn't beer fridged any RRs this season and decided to get some this time around. So into the cart the box o' beers went. When I got home to load the fridge, I was surprised to see that what I had purchased was a box of 33 (of course) 7 oz. bottles rather than the 12 ouncers I'd expected. Oh well, no harm, no foul. Hmmmm...but something seemed strangely nostalgic about these green 7 oz bottles. And then it hit me...OH YEAH, Little Kings Cream Ale!

Wow, that took me back. It's been maybe 25 years or more since I've had a Little Kings.

There was a time I drank them a lot. They were kind of a favorite of younger folks when I was a younger folk in the late '70s.

The little 7-ouncers came in 8-packs. Somehow those little beers carried quite punch as I remember them.

Although I had not seen Little kings on sale for many years, recently I'm pretty sure I've seen them locally at Friar Tuck's. I'll have to check next time I'm in there.

I wonder if they taste the same. I remember them as being pretty good but that was with my 19 year-old palate. Time may changed things. Hell, it might not even be brewed the same way. I'm now wanting to find out.

Have a happy weekend!


Bethany said...

Even though we don't get the drinks you mentioned, well I haven't seen them any way ( in Australia )I can relate to your comment about the drinks that used to be drunk in more youthful times. Oh memories

Anonymous said...

Wow, Little Kings. That's a blast from the past. They weren't readily available in Chicago, at least not that I knew of. My friends and I would make a pit stop at bar on our way to or from Quincy for a supply. They were fun back in the day.
I wonder if I would like the taste now. I've grown used to my Miller Lites.

A Bishops Wife said...

Why am I addicted to your blog?

This reminds me of my sisters High school sweet heart. It was his favorite.

Anonymous said...


I don't know about the greater Chicago area, but Little Kings used to be readily available and regularly (and eagerly)purchased at a little liquor store/tavern called Bruno's on Sheridan Road right across the street from Loyola's Lake Shore campus. I'm told. MMMmmmm cream ale.....

Anonymous said...

I'm a Cincinnati native so I know all about Little Kings. It's a classic 'Nati beer that is still widely distributed there. It was originally brewed by the Schoenling Brewing Co., which later merged with crosstown rival, Hudepohl Brewing Co. The combined company was later sold several times to out-of-town companies, but a native recently bought back the company and all the brands, including the premium Christian Morelein. Anyway, if you're ever in southwest Ohio, you can find them in liquor and grocery stores.

Anonymous said...

Nice one Dave.

Boy you are really good for bringing back memories - especially those hazy ones.

I'm quite sure we downed a few of those Little Kings together.