Sunday, July 01, 2007

I Hate This iPhone

Not Really. It is very cool. BUT...there are some things I don't like.

1. It supports no games. Nothing. Not Solitaire, no nothing. My old phone, an HP iPaq, had several games and I downloaded more. I like playing games while waiting in places I'm made to wait (Dr.'s office, iPhone line outside AT&T store, etc.). Even some of my older, clunkier phones from days gone by had at lest primitive games.

2. When I unlock my iPhone to use it, it randomly takes me one of of its many functions (stock quotes, iPod, calendar, etc,) . I would prefer it just take me to the home page (which it sometimes, but randomly, does).

3. The current weather conditions and forecast feature allows you to add as many cities as you like, but they appear on the scroll in the order you add them. There needs to be a way to arrange them after they have been added. For example, I'm going to Newport Beach, CA later this month on vacation. I'll want that as my first weather conditions displayed while I'm there but it's stuck in position number five because that's the fifth location I added. Not a big deal but you should be able to sort this.

But honestly, that's about it. Otherwise I love this thing. The best part is, it's going to impact the entire industry. Before long, all cell phones are going to be making attempts at imitating the technology in the iPhone. Someday I'll cringe at having paid as much as I did for my first iPhone.

Update: I forgot to mention, I did have to reboot the thing once so far. It froze for some reason. The reboot took care of that.


JeromeProphet said...

What's an iPhone?


Anonymous said...

My thoughts on your thoughts:

1. Why do you need games when you can just get on the Web? Plus, I'm guessing that additional applications are coming. The screen has space for more icons.

2. I believe that the phone takes you to whatever application you were on when the phone was last locked. If it locks while on the Mail app, that's what it'll unlock to, etc.

3. Haven't had that problem yet.