Monday, July 16, 2007

Birthday Notes

Odds and ends from my 47th birthday:

* Since my son’s birthday is tomorrow, we went ahead and had his party yesterday so his little friends could make it. We held it at Chucky Cheese. Yesterday was my actual birthday; therefore, for the first time, spent my birthday at Chuck’s place.

* When I was 11, I wanted nothing more than a pair of binoculars. On my 12th birthday, my parents gave me a good pair of binoculars from Sears. It was my only present that year if I remember correctly. I loved them and used them a lot, not only then but really ever since. The early years took a heavy toll on them and I’ve bee using them half-broken for decades now. Finally, while I was using them to watch the International Space Station and the Shuttle fly over a few weeks ago, I mentioned to Mrs. TEH that it was probably time I get new ones after 35 years. Well, I got new binoculars yesterday. I hope they, and I, last another 35 years.

* For only maybe the fourth time in my life I got a new do yesterday. My old hair was making me look too old or something. Also, let’s not forget the top of my head was recently outed online so it’s become necessary to change my appearance for security reasons. So at the urging of the Mrs., I now have hair that stands up and has product in it. Harpooning low-flying birds can be expected.

* While my son is about to turn 4, my father–in-law pointed out yesterday that when he was my age, he already had a 4 year-old GRANDchild.


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Anonymous said...

Your life sounds really nice.

Anonymous said...

Dave takes a dip in his pool.

Dave's wig floats off his head, and a trail of hair dye begins to discolor the water.

His little son is walking toward the pool and sees what he thinks is a bloody rat heading straight for his father's head.

He runs inside and screams for his mother to save him.

Mommy comes out and jumps in the pool, accidently knocking Dave out.

Dave is rushed to the hospital, and spends the entire afternoon having his head stiched.

Don't let this happen to you.


Rugs and Pools - It's a Dangerous Combination!


Anonymous said...

LOL JP. Thanks for the smile!

His new do looks awesome, btw.

One more point, the grandchild that your father-in-law was discussing is your now 17 year old step-daughter (even though you (thankfully) don't think of her as a "step").

You're an awesome dad and man...I hope you enjoyed your birthday!