Tuesday, July 10, 2007


Springfield, Vermont is the winner. Vermont isn’t even a real state.

Oh well, what BFS says.

Scolding Update: See, Springfieldians, never burn your bridges. With an influx of brotherly Chicago area votes we could have won this in a landslide. But no, Chicagoans picked up on the nasty, resentful vibes coming from down our way and said, “Fuck ‘em”. Sometimes we just need each other.

Update II: The vote totals:

Vermont: 15,367
Illinois: 14,634
Oregon: 13,894
Massachusetts: 11,442
Kentucky: 9,985
Missouri: 9,535
Ohio: 7,442
Tennessee: 7,098
New Jersey: 7,063
Colorado: 3,632
Nebraska: 3,201
Michigan: 2,516
Louisiana: 2,387
Florida: 1,386

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Let Vermont keep it's poorly run nuclear reactors, let it keep it's nearby Shelbyville, let it keep it's coonskin capped pioneer founder!

It is the winner!