Monday, February 12, 2007

Big 12 Inch

OK, I’ve gotten weary of the cold weather we’ve seen the couple of weeks, but adding up to 12 inches of snow to the mix isn’t going to help my mood. But let me second guess the forecasters and predict a final snowfall measurement of only 5.5 inches (officially in Springfield). In fact, I’ll make attempts at out-guessing the weather professionals a regular feature hear. The Eleventh Hour Weather Service.

Update: It looks like we have another weather-off between the National Weather Service and The Weather Channel. Right now, the NWS is calling for up to a foot of snow here while TWC is saying less than an inch today and tonight and 1-3 inches tomorrow (up to 4 inches total). IIRC, past weather-offs here have put one win in each of these weather prognosticator’s column.

Update II: The Weather Channel blinks! They are now calling for 3-5 inches tonight and 3-5 inches tomorrow. The NWS has come down a tad on their accumulation amount prediction. So now they're in near agreement. The winner will be judged based on this morning's forecast.

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JeromeProphet said...

At my former workplace we always would speculate how much snow would hit Springfield vs. the predicted amount.

The rule of thumb developed - reduce by half.