Friday, February 02, 2007

Friday Beer Blogging: Go Bears Edition

Sunday’s the big day. The Bears take on the Hoosiers, er, the Colts in Miami in a game that will demonstrate Illinois’ supremacy over its neighbor to the east. I think we get along with Missouri, Iowa and Kentucky much better because, like the old adage says, good rivers make good neighbors.

Anyway, the Super Bowl means beer no matter who’s playing.

A Lite light honoring the Monsters of the Midway.

While at that Super Bowl party, it’s important that you dress you beer appropriately.

Actually, I like this jersey style cooler available for m these people.

A little ice and a lot of beer and this bucket is suited up for the game.

And finally, how about to a beer native to the windy city, Goose Island. Check them out here.

As I have every year for the last ten, I’ll be attending Former Wingman SK’s Super Bowl bash which features the most awesome of beer fridges. One of my great pleasures is to assist him tin the brew buying before the game. Buying lots of beer with someone else’s money truly is one of life’s great experiences.

Go Bears!

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