Monday, February 19, 2007

Bri-Bri Can’t Be Bothered By Facts Or Lowly Bloggers

Ha, ha. Listen to this shit from the Mighty Voice, Brian Pierce (via JeromeProphet):
I have no moral high road I have to take here. The shit is deep on the net - it's the Wild Wild West. I simply don't take this thing as seriously as you guys do. I've been in media 32 years. I cume 35,000 people a day on the radio show. I've worked at stations that reached a million people a week. What are your page counts? I do this for fun. I can say anything I want here - that's the fun.
Wow what an ego! He “cumes” 35K! Cume, is a broadcasting term short for cumulative audience for those of you not relevant enough to know such things. He's the mighty media man and we're just pissants with teeny-weeny cumes who should be ignored. Because the more people that hear your words, the more valid your comments. The media credo in a nutshell. It even gives you license to lie. I'm so glad I have a satellite radio.


Briblog Blog said...

I am terribly sorry I have upset you so. My point was, as a blogger too, I can fit my blog audience in a car. I really do feel badly at your reaction to a goofy blog post. I don't present my posts as newscasts. I'm not mighty, just a guy - and a pretty nice guy, who's surprised he's been compared to Hitler. Wow. I apologize to whoever you are - "Dave."
Good to know there are fact checkers like you out there to keep us all honest.
I hope you react similarly to the tens of thousands of blog posts that get the facts wrong.

At least we've "met." Had you not inflamed, I might not have ever stumbled upon your engrossing blog.

Again, I'm sorry to not have researched my topic completely.

All the best my friend.

JeromeProphet said...

Is this an admission of getting your facts wrong when you claimed that Hillary Clinton stated that she "loathed the military"?

And is this an apology?

I'm kind of confused, I'm just a simple man without years of talk show experience so I'm looking for something simple.

Example: Dave, I was wrong, I just grabbed that quote off of Rush Limbaugh's blog, and after running various searches I haven't found any credible reference to it anywhere.

Example Two: Dave I was wrong, I just made that Hillary quote up because I hate the whole idea of the Republicans losing in 2008, and I wanted to intentionally spread as many horrible lies about Senator Clinton using the Internet.

Example Three: Dave I was wrong, I get away with this all the time on my talk show. Who would have known anyone would have actually read my blog anyway?

So are you going to correct your post?


JeromeProphet said...

Brian has corrected his post.
Brian has done the honorable thing.

That doesn't mean he's a Hillary Clinton fan, however he's chosen to retract the quote that Ms. Clinton stated she "loathed the military".

That's good enough for me, and I hope to see him swing by and leave comments on my post if he has the time.