Sunday, February 18, 2007

Rewinding Springfield Again

Just another reminder to go check out Russ’s efforts over at Springfield Rewind. He’s given the site another new look. It’s a shame more people don’t know about this wonderful resource.

Let me pass on a Springfield Rewind story of my own. Last week, I sent a link to SR to a coworker whose family name (by way of a former marriage) showed up in one of the old photos. She was very impressed and set about showing her kids, her boyfriend, her parents and anyone else with access to a computer. Everyone was very impressed with the site but, of course, previously had no idea it even existed. Later she told me about the great response she was getting regarding SR. Another coworker overheard her and wanted to know more. I sent her the link. And on it goes.

I know the SJ-R (Dave Bakke I think) did a story on Springfield Rewind a while back but its too bad more people aren’t aware of this fun local spot on the net.

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Russ said...

Thanks Dave! Now if only this snow would melt so I could go take some more 'after' shots.