Sunday, February 18, 2007

Brainless Brian Strikes Again

Brian Pierce, aka Mr. Kelly Michaels, is again providing Springfield with his great uninformed wisdom on his spectacularly uninformed blog. This time his unabashed “Hitlery” hatred has moved him to pass on a totally bogus quote alleged to have come from Hillary Clinton. Claims Mr. Pierce-Michaels:
Many have never forgotten that when she was co-president for eight years she was quoted as saying : “I loathe the military.”
Uh-huh. Prove it. Senator Clinton never said anything of the sort. I'd say "and you know it" but you probably don't know it given that you are just passing on bogus information that is appearing on rightwing blogs left and right (well, mostly right).

Hey Bri, stick to spinning records, mindless banter with your wife and selling us stuff on TV. I mean, you still have great pipes, dude. Just stay away from stuff you know absolutly nothing about.


Briblog Blog said...

Dude. A little worked up? Let's do one of those Superbowl bets like the mayors.
If Hillary makes it into the White House, I'll treat you and a guest to a lavish dinner and shut the Hell up. She'll certainly raise the cash, but make it all the way? I'll bet a $300 dinner out on it. Breathe man. In through the nose, out through the mouth. I respect your opinion. Why do you not respect mine? Could it be because you know you're right - smarter and more informed them me? But we've been through that already haven't we? Lemme know. I'm real easy to find.

Dave said...

It's not about respecting your opinion. Falsely attributing a quote to someone isn’t about opinions it’s about not being truthful. Big difference.

As for betting on Hillary, I’m not going to do that for several reasons, the main one being I don’t support her at the moment. That is, there are other candidates I’d rather see make it. If she turns out to be the Democratic nominee I will likely “support” her as the lesser of two evils. My support in this post isn’t for Hillary, it’s for the truth.

I’m sorry but the rightwing noise machine has been making stuff up for years and never being held to account. I’m tired of it and I, in my own very small way, am going to call bullshit and push back as the need arises.

JeromeProphet said...

See Brian unlike your radio show blather your written words are supposed to actually mean something here on the blogosphere.

So dummy up like a good liar, or quote a reputable source for your bullshit.

Gee, I guess I'm not so nice a Dave.


Gene Thompson said...

What does the truth have to do with internet posts? Who are you anyway....Dave? How about hanging it out there and coming out from behind the curtain? I just read what Brian posted on his blog and you come off like a little man with a chip on his shoulder. And by the way, everyone knows they're married. You seem to enjoy pointing that out. It's actually been announced on the air many times. Both you guys need a life. Life is too short to blog all day. You need women.

Dave said...

I need a woman? My wife might disagree with you.

And yes, I do have problem with spreading baseless lies. Bri-Bri thinks its all about his “opinion” and I’m being mean and unaccepting of his “opinion”. Making up a quote and attributing it to someone else isn’t opinion – it’s lying. I know the Right has a hard time separating fact from opinion but there is a difference.