Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Snow’s Over

At least that’s true for the new snow. We still have plenty of blowing and drifting to look forward to.

A few other notes about the day of snow:

-- Depending on the final snowfall total, we are on track for having received one of the top five snowfalls in recorded history here in Springfield.

-- I left work today at 1:00 after almost everyone else had left. I was telling everyone there was no need to flee since the radar clearly showed the snow was about to end. Well, er, never mind. And I barely got out of the parking lot the snow was so deep.

-- I foolishly spent nearly two hours trying to clear my drive way this afternoon. My truck got stuck in it when I arrived home from work and I need to get it into the garage or the poor thing would be left to the elements overnight. I got it in but now the driveway is drifted over again and my body hurts.

-- I suspect there is no way I’m getting to work in the morning because the snow at the end if my driveway is a foot and a half deep. Any snowplow that actually makes it down our street tonight is going to only add to that problem.

--Despite the mail carriers motto (Neither rain nor sleet nor snow, etc), the snow did keep him away today. We got no mail delivery.

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