Tuesday, December 16, 2008

It’s a Blago, Blago World

For you instant gratification types, it doesn’t look like Blago is going to be forcibly removed from office anytime soon.

The Illinois House voted 113-0 Monday to authorize an impeachment investigation of Gov. Rod Blagojevich…

The investigation will be conducted by a 21-member group of House members that House Speaker Michael Madigan

Under intense public pressure, state lawmakers decided to take the first step toward impeachment, but cautioned it wouldn’t be a speedy resolution.

Madigan said the committee of 12 Democrats and nine Republicans will meet until it comes up with a recommendation on impeachment

Madigan already is making plans for the impeachment committee to work into the new General Assembly, which convenes Jan. 14.
And on it will go for a while. While frustrating, I’m not sure doing things the right way isn’t better in the long run. And one can always dream that as the process marches on, Blagojevich will starts feeling the heat and get out on his own.

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