Wednesday, December 03, 2008

Ronald’s Taste in Buildings Evolves

This from the SJ-R cracks me up:
With the kick-back-and-stay-awhile feel of a coffee shop, the new McDonald’s restaurant at 522 W. Jefferson St. — opening today — is the first in Springfield to show off the company’s prototype building design.

The fast-food restaurant embodies McDonald’s first major architectural makeover since 1969. The new design, dubbed “Forever Young,” forgoes the bright red-and-yellow color scheme, sturdy plastic furnishings and signature mansard roof.

In its place is an interior with contemporary, clean lines and neutral colors, brought out through the use of stone, wood and glass.

Recessed lighting and pendant lights replace harsh fluorescent bulbs. The exterior sports white stucco, terra-cotta brick, yellow awnings and a modified logo on the face that’s more blonde eyebrow than golden arch.

Architectural Digest goes fast food?

And who here is old enough to remember when the McDonald’s on MacArthur used to look like this? I think the style was called was called "Forever Outside".


John said...

Too bad their food still kills you.

John said...

Dave, I don't mean "you" specifically. Don't take that as a threat. I meant the communal "you." The "you" in all of us.

Maybe I should've used "us" instead?

Anonymous said...

Don't bring "us" into your issues with Dave, John.

John said...

Sorry, Nancy. I'll try to leave you out of any of my future accidental diabolical schemes.

Dave said...

I've already notified Homeland Security.

John said...

Oh shit. All this over a comment gone awry.