Friday, December 19, 2008

Friday Beer Blogging: Holiday Hiatus Editon

Like your favorite TV shows, FBB feels a need to go on hiatus or maybe show some reruns for the duration of the Holiday Season. I'm planning on a field trip to Brewhuas in the near future so that should spark some new beer ideas for the blog soon.

Anyway, here's a reprinted blast from the FBB Christmas past, 2005 to be exact.

Predictably, this week’s Friday Beer Blogging has a Christmas theme. I could have taken the high road and presented a fine layout of delicious Christmas/Winter beers. Something like this:

But no, I’m going for the real spirit of Christmas Beers. Of course, I’m talking about Beer Christmas Trees. These pictures were ripped-off from this site. And before that, the site printed on each picture. These are well-used pictures.

And this one is my favorite. I love the beer can star at the top of the "tree" and, man, look at the cool decorating on the walls.

Merry Christmas and a Happy Beer Tree.

And if you really can't get enough of beer Christmas trees, here's a link to my FBB Christmas post from last year.

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doggettmeister said...

There are some good holiday brews at the Haus. Good luck.