Monday, December 08, 2008

Shorter Kev 12/08/2008

Blago still sucks! No really, I think he really, really, really sucks. He hates Springfield and I have more proof. See, he hasn’t formally asked President Obama for infrastructure improvements money for Sangamon County like he has for a handful of other Illinois counties! What a jerk! Blago didn’t ask for money for 90 percent of Illinois counties but this is definitive proof that he specifically hates Springfield. But he loves Chicago. And when I say Chicago I mean it the monolithic and uniformed way a lot of people around here mean it: anything north of I-80 and east of I-39.

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doggettmeister said...

I respectfully disagree that my uninformed opinion of Chicago is West of I-39. I may ignorantly lump the collar counties and Cook into one behemoth but I believe in my cardinal directions like the gods themselves.

Dave said...

Direction corrected

doggettmeister said...

Thank you. I may now go back to my Chicago-hatin ways and them uppity city folk.