Tuesday, December 09, 2008

Wrong Reasons

I find it kind of odd how many people are happy about Blagojevich's arrest not because he is charged with the wrongdoing laid out in the criminal complaints, but because they don't like him for some other reason. These are the wrong reasons to be joyful:

1. He was going to move state jobs or close a facility
2. He's a Democrat (many Republicans are a little too happy)
3. He hates Springfield (or wherever)
4. He's from Chicago
5. He didn't live in the Executive Mansion
6. His hair

You should be happy that a crook got busted for his (alleged) crimes, not for some pet peeve you have against the man. But human nature being what it is...

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A Sayre-Roberts said...

Blago's hair is a class one felony.