Tuesday, December 02, 2008

Simply Unstoppable!

Mayor Davlin always, always, always gets his way! I know this because I heard it on local talk radio today. He wants the money for the Maisenbacher House and he'll get it, dammit! Davlin is unstoppable! His powers are evil and unlimited! Er, what's that...oh:
The Springfield City Council voted 6-4 Tuesday against paying any more money to move the Lincoln-era building off Jackson Street and onto a permanent foundation.
Hmmm, not so powerful. Who knew?

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Anonymous said...

My Bloggy-senses are telling me that Kelm & Kirk are going to spend three hours today harping about how Davlin may have been thwarted, but he is still evil.

That will probably be hour one, followed by another hour of talking about how bad The Obama is, how evil "liberals" (ie.,anyone who does not think as they) are, how evil Dick Durbin and how Democrats like to bite the heads off of baby squirrels. Hour number three will then consist of the same harpings, rantings and ravings that make one long for the Second Coming of Furr.