Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Aluminum Overcast

I knew I wasn’t seeing things. Yesterday I thought I saw a B-17 flying low over the city but it was from a distance and I was a more than little tired.

Anyway, that’s the same B-17 I took a flight on in 1999 when it was here. Rides were only $350 then. They’re $425 now. However, it’s well worth the price if you’re a historical aviation buff. If that's too much, head out to airport to look at it on the ground and maybe take a tour. Otherwise, keep looking up today and tomorrow between 10:00 AM and 2:00 PM as it will be flying over the city periodically during those times. Here's what you're looking for:

Also be sure to check out the photo gallery associated with the online SJ-R story. I have a bunch of similar photos from 1999. I really need to get my scanner working again; I have a backlog of all kinds of non-digital pics to share.

Update: At 11:14 - B-17 spotted heading south over the city


John said...

I had to take my wife to the airport yesterday, and I saw this sitting out there. It's really a beautiful plane.

Job Conger/Writer's Chronicle said...

Kudos for your attention to the B-17 and other aviation enthusiasts.

Like most Springfield area "plane crazies" my first question when arriving at the airport and seeing this well-restored flying machine was . . . . Where do I sign up for the dodgeball tournament? They replied they didn't even have one scheduled! INGRATES!

The members of the local Chapter 770 of the Experimental Aircraft Association -- they sponsored the Flying Fortress's appearance at Springfield -- and the crew of the B-17 were friendly and knowledgeable about the airplane, and I thoroughly enjoyed my visit.

BTW, I also took a few pictures and posted them at the top of my B-17 gallery -- http://www.aeroknow.com/b17gal.htm
Hope you will visit and enjoy.