Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Anonymously Yours

Following up on the post below, if it were really important for someone know my full name (you know, for a libel suit or something) it wouldn’t be that hard to find out. It would probably take someone in law enforcement or a private detective or a good reporter an hour to find me. Consider some of the information I have divulged in the course of blogging here:

My first name
My age
The place and year I graduated from high school
The place and year I graduated from college
The place and year I graduated from grade school
At least two of my former employers
My city of residence
The school district I live in

In addition, I’m sure finding my computer through ISPs and other electronic means would enable someone to serve me with papers in no time. I’m far from immune to repercussions by virtue of my posting anonymously.

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ThirtyWhat said...

For what it's worth, I don't think anyone is that hard to find ... if you're determined enough.

Look at those cases where they find some kid in Tiwan who is offering a movie online ...

Unfortunately,between tracing IP addresses and following clues we leave behind, we're all pretty thinly veiled.