Tuesday, July 11, 2006

In the Beginning…

Check out this post at ThrityWhat’s place about the original stores that occupied White Oaks Mall when it opened in 1977. I have a number of things to say in the comments. Having helped open one of the original stores that year, I sometimes try to remember which of those businesses are still in White Oaks. My partial list (because I’ sure I’m forgetting one or two or three) includes:

Famous Barr
The Cookie Factory
McDonald’s (but in a different location in the mall)
Radio Shack
MCL Cafeteria
Spencer Gifts (different location)
White Oaks Cinema

Those are the only ones I can remember. There may be a few jewelers, shoe or clothing stores I missed but that’s about it. Not very many have endured. I also wonder what space in the mall has changed hands the most.

For some reason I find it fascinating that The Cookie Factory has lasted all these years. Everyone likes cookies, I guess, but I would not have predicted it to be a lifer. Also odd is that three on that list are very near or next to each other: Radio Shack, GNC and Helzberg. The store I worked in back in the day, The Bookmarket, was right next to Radio Shack. It left in the early 1980s but the space remained a book store until just a year or so ago.

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