Friday, July 21, 2006

Talk Show Misinformation

I haven’t picked on WMAY’s Pamela Furr for a while so let’s get right to it. And may I say, what I heard today on her show is what I consider the worst thing about talk shows: uncontested bad information.

Here’s what happened. Pam is talking about the stem cell issue and how everyone is being so mean to poor George W. Bush for having vetoed the measure passed by Congress allowing federal funds to be used for stem cell research. Poor, poor George.

Anyway, some guy calls up and informs us all that the frozen embryos at issue aren’t really embryos. Nope, this guy assures us that just eggs are frozen and they will be fertilized later and then the stem cells extracted. The point being that these resarchers are "creating life and tehn "killing it". Of course he is completely, 100% wrong on this; the frozen embryos do exist; embryos that are going to be destroyed eventually anyway. This process does not involve taking frozen eggs and fertilizing them with some donor’s sperm (who would this donor be anyway, the researcher?)

This caller, by the way, says nothing to establish his credentials. He didn’t identify himself or cite any sources. He simply stated his misinformation. And you know what? Pam is completely persuaded and even apologizes for have spread the allegedly erroneous information that we were talking about embryos. Unbelievable. I suppose because the “information” was supportive of her position, she was willing to accept it uncritically.

At this point I had to leave my car and wasn’t able to hear the rest of the show. I have no idea if anyone called in to correct the first caller (and now Pam). Maybe the truth reemerged later, I don’t know. But that’s the point, the misinformation gets out there and that’s that for some people. I suspect I’m not the only one who missed any follow-up corrections, if there were any at all.

Lesson: be skeptical of what you hear on these shows. Or read on blogs for that matter.


Pamela Furr said...

WOW - Dave. Don't you know sarcasm when you hear it? Obviously you don't. And obviously you don't understand the simple words that I have said over and over for the past week. I HAVE NO PROBLEM WITH EMBRYONIC STEM CELL RESEARCH. Why do you guys think that just because I don't disrespect the President on a regular basis that I automatically agree with everything that he does?

Just keep in mind -- he has not blocked the research, nor has he banned it. He just vetoed a bill that gave additional funding for the research.

I invite you, sir, to apologize for mischaracterizing my stand...and totally missing the sarcasm.

Good day, sir.

JeromeProphet said...
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JeromeProphet said...


Are you being sarcastic now?

Blocking federal funding is a means of inhibiting research.

All the twisted logic, and twisting of words will not change the fact that the President of the United States has chosen the rights of cells in a petrie dish over that of human beings.

He's so far out there that even his party is abandoning him on his position not to fund stem cell research.

Some believe that the people must bend over to the authority of the president, and show respect that is not earned.

Many however reserve their respect for those who earn it.

When you respect someone you look back upon that person as a source of wisdom, and guidance. Respect means to look back. I for one will look back upon the Bush presidency as one of the most embarrassing chapters in this nation's history.

His foolishness has cost America credibility, and respect around the world.


Pamela Furr said...

Regardless of your beliefs, I was being sarcastic in my response to the caller about frozen embryos. I'm sorry you didn't get it. I will try to be clearer next time.

-- Pamela