Friday, July 14, 2006

Now Wait Just a Minute!

I Googled “Friday Beer Blogging” just to see how original I am in this end-of-the-week beer blogging venture, and look what I found: some local upstart taking the Google lead.

I’m going to disarrange that cooler of yours, lady.


ThirtyWhat said...

You've been robbed, Dave. I'd sue. Google's got millions ... why not share with you? LOL

Aakash said...

Beer blogging for every Friday?

Is this a local meme?

I was just commenting yesterday about how I had found out last summer that there were a growing number of blogs from right here in Springfield... When I started mine, back during the Fall 2002 semester however, there weren't very many at all.

And now our local segment of the Blogosphere has its own meme(s)??

Darn it - Y'all move quite fast (in many arenas)... It's hard to keep up!

Anonymous said...

Sorry to disappoint, but ThirtyWhat's recommendation to sue Google would be a waste of time:

We LOVE Friday Beer Blogging though - don't stop!