Wednesday, July 05, 2006

Springfield +/- Continued

ThirtyWhat takes a swing at the Springfield Better/Worse discussion and comes up with things I should have had on my list but didn’t.

On the plus side, for example - Movie theaters. Stadium seating in the Showplace 12. ‘Nuff said.

Also more/bigger/better places to shop.

In the worse column – The Mansion is gone.

And by the way, I TOTALLY agree with TW on the Chesapeake Seafood House. I’m glad someone is saying it out loud, er, on a blog. It’s sad when the best seafood place in town is Red Lobster but it’s always been thus. I think that’s why Abe ran for president; he wanted to go east to get a decent plate of fish.


ThirtyWhat said...

I'm not trying to be bitchy about it ... but damn ... Chesapeake totally sucks ass. I'd rather go to Long John Silver's for seafood than Chesapeake. I just want to know why this dive is such a "hallowed" Springfield establishment? Why???

When I was growing up, it never failed. Mom and Dad would take us there on "special occasions" ... which meant I was the only kid in Springfield who hated birthdays, anniversaries, holidays ... ugh.

I didn't get it then ... and I don't get it now. Fast forward twenty years ... and everytime someone retires from my office, some dim bulb says, "Let's treat him to Chesapeake."

As Christ as my witness ... when I retire they are all going to pay. I'm telling them I want my party at Maid Rite ... and the only reason I'm choosing Maid Rite is because Mr. Ted's is closed.

Let's all bow our heads in a moment of silence for Mr. Ted's ... ... ... ...

Will said...

Better is UIS expanding with all the cultural and social additions that come with a major University.
Worse is all the grocery stores and movie theaters being on the edge of town.

John said...

I'm a big fan of Payday Loan Boulevard . . . er, I mean Macarthur. That's one street that's seen better days. There was talk over a year ago of converting the old Esquire lot into a small, urban shopping center. What happened to that? Anyone know?