Friday, July 14, 2006

Friday Beer Blogging: N/A Edition

True to my word, I‘m joining with the major media to avoid, at all costs, being perceived as glorifying or even finding humor in anything other than complete sobriety. Therefore today on Friday Beer Blogging I take a look at beers that will leave you totally un-intoxicated, no matter how many you drink. Here goes.

I’ll admit, while this non-alcoholic beer blogging is new to this site, I actually have had occasion to drink N/A beers. I didn’t like it, but sometimes it’s necessary for one’s own good. Of the two I’ve tasted, O’Doul’s is my favorite. Or least not-liked.

The other N/A I’ve tried is Sharp’s. It’s not so good but it’s brewed by Miller so I just thought of it as an even worse Miller Lite.

Finally, here’s one I haven’t tried but if I ever have to do any more dry drinking I think I’ll try it. St Pauli is an awesome regular beer so I’m thinking maybe, just maybe, their N/A is tolerable.

And don’t forget, when drinking N/As you can drink and drive as much as you damn well please. So order another for the road! Keep one in your car for when you’re pulled over and open it in the cops face just to freak him out. Ha! See, it’s N/A copper, see, you can’t get me for DUI , see (done in my best Cagney voice).

And remember...

...drink N/A and don’t be just another stupid drunk.


Mr. Ethics said...

Be a man or woman - either drink beer or don't drink beer.

Bike said...

I agree. There are times that I've refrained from beer too. I have found the Warsteiner Premium Fresh/NA to be very good. I can't stand any of the USA NA's.

Anonymous said...

St. Pauli is pretty good, as is Clausthaler. Butburger Drive is about the best, however