Monday, July 10, 2006

The Wider Discussion

More Springfield better/worse over at Unspelled. Check out the comments to that post for even more.

ThirtyWhat takes the discussion to a new level and asks not if Springfield is better than it was but what can make the city better in the future. She has some suggestions. I’ll have to think about it.

Finally, I wanted to add one more thing I miss about Springfield past: the old Lincoln Library. I did a bit on it over at Look Back Springfield. (I really need to revive that site). Not that I have any problem with the current library (except, of course, for the scary homeless people who keep intimidating me -eeek!), I just wish they could have saved the old one, maybe incorporated it into a new library “campus”. I don’t know how that would have worked but I did really like the old building.

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ThirtyWhat said...

Damn ... you gotta go check out Unspelled or hop over to me ... Russ at Springfield Rewind just gave us a list of the stores that were included in the original 1977 White Oaks Mall.

It's incredible! Or ... I'm just really geeky. I suspect it's a little of both.