Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Last Word

I think the consensus among local bloggers in regards to the Dave Bakke piece in the SJ-R today is that we are not to be taken too seriously (see ThirtyWhat’s and John’s comments). Mostly we are here to have fun and occasionally vent. Ok, I vent more than occasionally but I have fun doing it.

Most bloggers don’t have a background in journalism and really don’t care to be viewed as journalists. I do have some background in news and believe me, that makes me all the more wary of trying to break news on my blog. I fully understand that I don’t have the time to do any serious reporting.

What I like to do is seek out stories that appear in other news outlets or blogs and pass them on to the few people who come here. I’m sharing things I find interesting and providing some added comments of my own. After all, everyone is entitled to my opinion!

Someday, Springfield may get a local version of Rich Miler and his Capitol Fax Blog. That would be interesting but it would have to be done by someone dedicated to the idea purely out of interest in doing such a project since there would be little money in it (as it is, I don’t think even Rich Miller is getting fabulously wealthy off his blog).

Still, we all like to blog about what we see and experience in our daily lives. Someday that experience might include something newsworthy. Stay tuned…


JeromeProphet said...

Most of what I see in the SJ-R isn't to be taken too seriously either although they get:




to do what they do.

Most of my blogs are posted when I'm exhausted at the end of the day dealing with work stress, and demands of the family.

I've often thought of divorcing my spouse, becoming a deadbeat father, quiting my job, and blogging from Lincoln Library with a hot hoagie in hand straight from St. John's Breadline.

I'd have all day - everyday, to conduct research and interviews for my blog.

I guess you could say I'd be a journalist then - one to be taken seriously by the SJ-R, and MSM.

By the way, I recieved my Bakke email only a few hours before he had his magic deadline.

I feel that if he had wanted to treat this subject in a serious manner he would have written about something else this week, and provided local bloggers, and himself with more time.

You might not feel the same way, as he mentioned you, but I feel I wasted my time responding at all.


Rich Miller said...

Bakke's column really makes me want to break a local Springfield story, just to see how he reacts.