Monday, July 03, 2006

The Italians Aren’t Going to Like This

On the heals of one Italian wine company filing suit against Illinois' “protectionist” wine policies, we have this from deep in Illinois’ wine country.
CARBONDALE - A new proposal from Carbondale Mayor Brad Cole would require city liquor establishments to offer wines made in Southern Illinois.

Cole's proposed amendment to the city's liquor code, expected to be considered by the Carbondale Liquor Advisory Board Thursday, would require bars and restaurants that serve alcohol to offer some form of wine from the region.

Cole said he wants Carbondale to set a trend in supporting the region's wine industry as it continues to ripen into a bona fide tourism draw.


According to the proposal, the city would require "every licensed establishment within the city where alcoholic liquor is sold" to offer "wine that has been produced south of U.S. Highway 50" in Illinois.
Hey, that leaves out the many wines of the fertile Sangamon Valley!

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