Friday, July 28, 2006

Vote for F-ing Me!

Well, well, well…the latest Illinois Times ‘Best of Springfield’ poll includes a category for Best Springfield Blog.

Even though I honestly don’t think I have the “best” Springfield blog, I strongly encourage you to go vote for The Eleventh Hour. Why? Well, cuz it would be a huge rush for me if I won. Isn’t that reason enough?

Here’s how you do it:

1. Click on this link.

2. Keep hitting the Next>> link at the bottom of the pages until you get to item #79 (OK, if you want to vote in other categories feel free but don’t lose focus!).

3. When you get to 79, enter “The Eleventh Hour” in the box.

4. Click Next>> one more time.

5. Enter your Name and E-mail address (or any name and e-mail address).

6. Click Done>>.

At this point your vote will help ensure I win and become King of Bloggers.

Note: I suspect this is a Main Stream Media plot to turn local bloggers against each other because we are such a threat to the conventional media. Well it may be working because I’ve been out tonight letting the air out of ThirtyWhat’s tires, smashing Marie’s mailbox and burning down Jerome Prophet’s garage. The rest get it tomorrow.

Hat tip to Unspelled (who currently has a flaming bag of dog poop on his front porch).


Bike said...
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ThirtyWhat said...

LOL ... well, in the spirit of this season's "Big Brother All Stars" let me say publically that I just think everyone is a winner. I won't campaign against a fellow blogger ... because we're just too close to do that sort of thing.

[shhhh ... come over here ... hey ... listen, Dave's a great guy and everything ... but voting for him? Well ... you do what you need to do ... as long as you're okay with him eating puppies. What? You didn't know he eats puppies ... oh yeah ... everybody knows that. He stir fries 'em with lo mein noodles ...]

I'm kidding of course ... I think 11th Hour is an amazing blog and if you win, everyone will be totally jazzed for you, Dan! :) Go get 'em!

Marie said...

Dave, my man, as soon as your check clears, you've got my vote.

John said...


I want you to know that Just Two Guys has officially kicked off our "Don't Vote for Us" campaign.

BlogFreeSpringfield said...

Truly shameless. You should be proud Dave.

Speaking of the Best of Springfield and shameless self-promotion, does anyone think Jim Leach will resurrect AbeLog and make a run for best blogger? He would have been the odds-on favorite in this category last year.


ThirtyWhat said...

Weird ... I thought the same thing. I went to his blog tonight cause I was just sure that there would be a new post ... but nope ... nothing since June 10th.

Dave said...

Dan & TW

I agree Leach would truly have been the best last year, but this year, if he were still blogging, I think he would have some stiff competition. Present company included. Of course, getting the most votes in the IT doesn't really mean much (unless, that is, I win).