Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Bye Syd

More bad music news:
LONDON, England (CNN) -- Syd Barrett, the eccentric guitarist who founded Pink Floyd but later left the music business to live quietly and somewhat reclusively, has died at the age of 60, according to a spokeswoman for the band.
In many ways I like the early psychedelic Pink Floyd of the 1960s more than the album-oriented phase of the band from the 1970s. Syd Barrett was responsible for much of that ‘60s Floyd sound.

Shine on you crazy diamond.


JeromeProphet said...

Even more than Dark Side of the Moon?


John said...

I have to agree, with you Dave. I like Dark Side and The Wall, but I really dig the psychadelic early Floyd a lot. Syd Barrett had an unparralleled amount of creative genius.

ThirtyWhat said...

I'll admit I'm much more of a Dark Side of the Moon/Wall/Wish You Here type fan ... but ... I think Syd Barrett helped mould that Pink Floyd sound. It's a shame ... he always seemed like such a tragic figure.

Dave said...


I'll always have a special place for Dark Side. It was you who turned me on to it when we were like 14 or something. And it is a great, if sometimes overplayed, album.

Wish You Were Here was good. Animals was kind of lame. And, I know I'm going to get mail on this, I HATED The Wall. (But by the time The Wall came out my head was in a different place musically anyway.)

Still, all I'm saying is, right now, I have a greater appreciation of the pre-Dark era than I do of the post-Dark era.