Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Dial “T” for Terrorism

Did you know there is a listing in the phone book for “Terrorism”? Get your December 2005 SBC phone book and turn to page 558 in the yellow pages. At the top of the page we see that this page covers Telephone – Terrorism. In the bottom right corner there is this listing:

Terrorism Concerns
See Homeland Security Or In The Event Of
An Imminent Threat Call Your Local
Enforcement Officials.
Damn that’s helpful. Cuz if a saw a terra-ist in my neighborhood, I’d probably go to the yellow pages first. Where the phone book lets me down is, and maybe this is because Springfield just isn’t big enough to support such things, where do I go to find out where to make my terrorism purchases? That’s when the yellow pages would come in real handy.

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