Monday, July 03, 2006

Statistic of the Day

Balance in the media can some times result in a distortion of the truth. Look at this:
…in an exhaustive study of almost every piece of research published on global warming in scientific journals, a sample of 928 articles was examined. Every single one of those 928 studies concluded that global warming was happening and that human activity was substantially responsible for it. In other words, as [Al] Gore has noted, the scientific debate about global warming and its sources, is over. In a parallel study of 636 news accounts of global warming, by contrast, 53% suggested that there was no scientific consensus on the question of global warming and its causes.
Because a certain political party finds it politically advantageous to deny reality, the media plays along in a he said / she said game, leaving many people unsure what to think. This despite the overwhelming scientific evidence. Politics once again trumps reason.


JeromeProphet said...

I was watching a session of Parlament (UK) recently. Here was John Major speaking of Global Warming as if it were a fact. Neither side (Labor, or Conservative) was contesting the fact of Global Warming. It just isn't part of the political debate there - they're beyond it. Instead of wasting precious time on denial they are debating the best ways to slow down Global Warming. As you know they live on an Island so it really matters to them a great deal how high the oceans rise along their coast.

We'd be doing the same here in the U.S., but the political system is so corrupted by Oil & Coal interest that the first step has yet to be taken. We're stuck.

In the mean time the MSM continues to pretend it is being fair. I was watching a CNN story on Global Warming in which they quoted scientist's fears that storms may intensify in the future due to Global Warming - but no sooner had they said that then they pull up a mini interview with some wacko scientist who works for the oil industry who said Global Warming hasn't been proven to exist yet.

Imagine the Titanic sinking, and the messenger boy comes down to your floor, and says, the Captain says the ship is sinking, and it's time to abandon ship - BUT the drunken first mate says the ship can never sink. So you can stay in your cabins until the water reaches your floor.

Insane approach to dealing with a pressing issue that may just be too late to change. In the meantime the waters are rising.


photos-etc said...

How did I know that when I saw there was a comment on this post that the writer would be none other than JP? :)

You are infamous, (in a good way).

Like on Three Amigos. You are so famous you are in-famous.

JeromeProphet said...

Parliament not Parlament.


Will said...

Great post. Have you seen An Inconvenient Truth yet? Gore refers to that statistic, or a smiliar one. I was surprised by how much I learned from the movie and that I wasn't bored to teers. I think it's still playing at Parkway Pointe.

Media Tycoon said...

i hope al gore can save all the monkeys from becoming extinct.