Thursday, July 13, 2006

The Lost Art of Conversation

I don’t understand this. Two people, often what appears to be a couple, are out walking for exercise. And both are wearing headphones. Why? What’s the point of having a walking partner of you’re going to tune each other out? I don’t get it. How ‘bout a little conversation. Why are you two even together for this walk?

I actually had a worse experience. While living in Chicago years ago I would, weather permitting, walk on the lakefront for exercise almost daily. Occasionally a coworker, who lived in the same building as I, would ask to join me. That was great except when he would show up with his Walkman. He’d walk along listening to music while I walked beside him, ummm, not. It was awkward.

Look, I’d rather be alone than walking with someone listening to tunes and not talking to me. Like I said, I don’t get it.

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Bike said...

So timely Dave.
I was about to post a somewhat similar thought on my blog earlier this week, but have not.
In short, I've finally (last week)been using my Christmas present iPod on the train ride to/from the office and walk through the loop--I feel so isolated...hence *i*Pod not *we*Pod.
Then yesterday on the train, I see a g-father w/ his very young g-son riding into the city...immediately the g-pa *wires-up* the kid w/ a DVD and head-phones...instead of enjoying the ride together--looking out the window at the crazy cars on the Kennedy--talking to one really disturbed me. Just my thoughts--I agree, there is a lost art to good conversation.