Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Free Keith!

Hasn’t the man suffered enough? Sure, it’s been at his own hands but give a guy a break.
LITTLE ROCK, Arkansas (AP) -- The state of Arkansas is prepared to pardon Keith
Richards for being a reckless driver, 31 years later.

The state Parole Board on July 3 approved an application for clemency submitted on behalf of Richards, the 62-year-old guitarist for the Rolling Stones, by Gov. Mike Huckabee.

The board posted the official notice Tuesday, and the pardon will be forwarded to Huckabee within 30 days. When the governor signs it, it will clear Richards' record in Arkansas.

Richards was arrested July 5, 1975, as he, bandmate Ron Wood, a security guard and a fan traveled from Memphis, Tennessee, to Dallas, Texas. The group had stopped in Fordyce, Arkansas, for lunch, then got back on the road with Richards driving.

A Fordyce officer saw the car swerve -- Richards said later he bent to adjust the radio -- and stopped the vehicle. Police said they smelled marijuana and took the four to City Hall.

Richards was charged with reckless driving and possession of a concealed knife, and the fan was charged with possession of a controlled substance. The knife charge was dropped, and Richards pleaded guilty to reckless driving and paid a $162.50 fine.
See, he’s paid his debt to Arkansas society. Let him be free of the stigma of being a lawbreaker.

1 comment: said...

In America, all are supposed to be equal in the eyes of the law. This is a case of "It's not what you did; it's who you are."

How is this any different from Slick Willie pardoning his cokehead brother?

How can you claim to be a member of the Law and Order Party if you ignore the law and equal protection?

All this does is shine a light on the fact that in Arkansas, some are more equal than others, and some are above the law.