Monday, July 17, 2006

Quayle Quitic

Oh man, when even Dan Quayle walks out on your performance, you know your career is over.
Dan Quayle took time out from participating in the American Century Celebrity Golf Championship in Stateline, Nev., on Friday to attend John Mellencamp's concert only to run into a political statement.

He then made a statement of his own by walking out during Mellencamp's rendition of ``Walk Tall.'' Before launching into the song, Mellencamp told the Harveys casino crowd, in effect, that it was dedicated to everyone hurt by policies of the current Bush administration.

Quayle, who served as vice president for President Bush's father in 1989-93 walked out of the venue before Mellencamp finished the song.

Quayle said through a publicist: ``Well, I think Mellencamp's performance was not very good to begin with, and the comment put it over the top.''
Ladies and gentlemen, give it up for rock critic Dan Quayle!

If I were Quayle (ewww), I think I’d be careful of criticizing other’s professional performances.

And why is it wrong, wrong, wrong for performers to make political statements* but OK for politicians to discus a movie or music?

*This rule only applies to liberals and not to conservative actors and musicians like Charlton Heston, Ron Silver, Gary Sinise, James Woods or Toby Keith


ThirtyWhat said...

Well, hell ... now that I know Dan Quayle disapproves of John Mellencamp's music and political beliefs, I'll have to run out tonight and buy a few more of his CDs.

This is ridiculous ... Toby Keith can sing "We'll put a boot in your ass" and everyone's okay with it ... but let the Dixie Chicks utter the word "Bush" and all of a sudden they have to hire food tasters.

What a world ...

Anonymous said...

He has a right to his beliefs as well. He was behaving in a way that was loyal and respectful to those whom he respects.

Everyone can speak their mind and it's okay, but not if you speak your mind/stand up for what you believe in if it's not a liberal view point?

ThirtyWhat said...

Well ... just my two cents ...

Toby Keith, Charlton Heston, and Gary Sinise ... everyone is welcome to state their views.

Dave can correct me if I'm wrong, but I took the point of the post to be that no one threatened to boycott Toby Keith ... and Clear Channel didn't have an issue with his politics either.

For what it's worth, I think both sides of the issue need to be heard ... that includes the Dixie Chicks and John Mellencamp.

From my point of view, I wouldn't have a problem with Dan Quayle walking out. That's his right ... plus if he honestly believe's in his party's cause then he should walk out. However, I think the comment, "Mellencamp's performance was not very good to begin with" was a little juvenille. He would've come across with a lot more class had he stood up and walked out without the music critique.