Monday, July 31, 2006

The Hospital: Day 1

Long day today at the hospital. Doctors offered us a ray of hope regarding Mom’s condition: she has an infection. Why is it potentially good news that she has an infection? Well, there is the possibility that her near comatose state may be caused by an infection causing the liver to act up. Perhaps, just maybe, getting rid of the infection might clear up her liver functions. So far, no organs including her already damaged liver have failed.

You see, when she was so sick two years ago, the cancer did a lot of damage to her liver before it was stopped in its tracks by treatment. She regained a normal life but the damage was already done to the liver. We’re hoping this infection, which we’re told involves a not very aggressive form of bacteria, can be cleared up and she can once again return to “normal”. It’s a long shot but we are grasping at the only straws within reach.

What makes us even more hopeful, and probably unrealistically so, is that she did stare down death once before. Can she hit the life/death Mega-Millions again? We have to believe she can. We’ll know in a couple of days. If things don’t work out she’ll be in the St. Johns Hospice by the end of the week. Oh, the stress.

Mom had a lot of visitors today. She was too out of it to know it though, except for her best friend who I think made a connection. Her friend was in to say goodbye and did so at length. At one point mom reached for her and looked at her. It was like she was either trying to hug her friend or maybe reaching out in a plea for help for her friend to pull her from the jaws of death. Either way, that was the most we’ve seen from mom in a couple of days now.

I’m also stuck by how nice it is to be from somewhere. I’ve never been all that big on having roots in any community but its obvious my family’s roots run pretty deep here as we keep running into medical personnel who we know. In fact, mom’s infectious disease doctor knows her personally through the community and church work my mom has done. It’s a great feeling to know the doctor who might be able to save your mothers life has a personal interest in making it so.

Today’s done, now tomorrow.


JeromeProphet said...


I wish I knew just the right words, and just the right prayers to make everything alright.

While wisdom eludes me in this moment, my concern for your mother, and you, and your family never could.

Everything will be alright no matter what Dave - your mother is in good hands.

I can only find good thoughts in regards to your mother. She has always been a kind, and generous woman of deep christian convictions.

She has had a positive influence upon us all, and has led a life worth living - entraining herself to the Spirit of Jesus Christ her savior.

While I have often challenged "religion", I have never slighted faith in a higher being, nor have I foresaken my faith in a next step beyond this mortal realm.

God watches over your mother's every breath, and it will be God's choice in choosing which moment she departs for the next stage of her being.

Though I know we must surrender to our circumstances here I find that I am still filled with a selfish soul, and wish that your mother could grace us by staying just a little while longer.

Peace, and Love brother.


Anonymous said...

Indeed, the outpouring of concern and love for your mother from the nearly constant influx of visitors was nearly overwhelming at times. Your mother, whom I have always viewed as an extraordinary woman and whom I respect and love deeply, evidently was loved by many. This, no doubt, is due to her overwhelming love and care for others - a direct extension of God's love.

She is a wonderful and beautiful woman in every way. She has left her mark, and God's mark, directly on many people's lives. I am grateful to have had the opportunity to know such a fine woman.

She did an excellent job raising her son and teaching him how to be a gentleman, have a sense of humor, to be thoughtful and kind, etc. She also did a wonderful job accepting another woman loving her son - something I am sure is hard for every mother. I'm glad I had the chance to thank her two and a half years ago. I've said before I see her in your sense of humor and your smile and your laugh. She has given me one of the greatest gifts of my life - you. For that I will be eternally grateful.

We love you, mom. God, please use your grace to hold her and comfort her and her family at this stressful time.

- Mrs TEH