Thursday, July 13, 2006

The Illinois Governor’s Race -Quickly

Sure the Blagojevich administration is corrupt but Illinoisans don’t care because they’re used to corrupt governors and Blago’s going to win reelection handily.


ThirtyWhat said...

I just gotta say how disappointed I am at how this all went. I'm a loyal Democrat ... and I was thrilled when we finally got back into the governor's office.

I mean, the previous governor was getting indited ... so I imagined we were going to look like saviors when we came in and cleaned up the mess.

God ... could I have been farther from the truth? I couldn't be more disappointed in him if he pulled a Marion Barry and started smoking crack in the capitol rotunda.

But you're right ... despite all the rumors of corruption ... and evidence of corruption ... I think he'll still win his seat back.

Disgusted said...

The only thing worse than citizens who don't take the time to vote are those who vote uninformed. How can any thinking Illinoisan who reads and listens to news, etc. re-elect a man who is running the state into the ground because of his almighty ego. Shame on the uninformed. Let's not elect any incumbents.