Thursday, July 27, 2006

Chicago: A Blagolympic Village

Chicago is still in the running for the 2016 Olympics:
DENVER, Colorado (AP) -- The U.S. Olympic Committee on Wednesday eliminated
Houston, Texas, and Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, as candidate cities for the 2016 Olympics.

That leaves San Francisco and Los Angeles, in California, and Chicago, Illinois, in the running for what many consider to be America's best shot in years at landing a Summer Games.

The USOC won't decide until later this year whether it even will bid for the 2016 Games. If it does, it will pick a city by the end of next March. The International Olympic Committee will pick the winning site in 2009.
You know, if the Republican party in Illinois isn’t resurrected soon Rod Blagojevich may still be governor in 2016. This leads me to ask, how would a Blagojevich administration impact the games? Would they try to sell the Olympics operation to balance the budget? Would the children of all Olympians be eligible for free pre-school? Would only FOR (Friends of Rod) be hired to take tickets at the events? Would there be a special stem cell research competition? Discuss.

(Attention Rich Miller: feel free to use this as your question of the day.)

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