Thursday, July 20, 2006

Springfield De-Jeweled

Uh-oh. From the SJ-R online:
Two Jewel-Osco stores in Springfield will close by early fall, but possibly could reopen under new ownership.
Employees of the stores at 2777 S. Sixth St. in Jewel-Osco Plaza, and 1903 W. Monroe St., in Fairhills Mall said corporate owners notified them this morning the stores would close in approximately 60 days, but that it was possible new owners would take over and remodel the stores.

The announcement came a little more than month after the stores were sold to a New York investment firm as part of a Supervalu Inc. buyout of the former Albertson's Inc. supermarket chain.
The Jewel at Fairhills is my least favorite grocery store in town for a lot of reasons.’s the store closest to where I live so I find myself in there fairly frequently. If the store doesn’t reopen that will leave exactly zero grocery stores in the northwest part of the city. Eagle and Schnucks are already gone. However, I have heard or read somewhere that it’s hoped a grocer will go in the new retail development planed for the northwest corner of Jefferson and Veterans.


John said...


Did the SJ-R change this story after you excerpted it? I just read the story online, and it says: "Workers at both locations said they were advised the stores would close in about 60 days for a monthlong renovation." and "'They told us we'd be closing, and then would reopen. But they didn't tell us who the new owners are,' said a worker outside the Fairhills Mall store."

This is quite different than the excerpt you posted earlier in the day. Just wondering if the story changed or something.

John said...

My bad Dave. I see you posted this yesterday. Of course it's changed. I'm reading today's story. Sorry about that.

Friday comes and my mind jumps right out the window.