Friday, July 28, 2006

Friday Beer Blogging: Lebanon Edition

Here at Friday Beer Blogging we abhor the war now going on in Lebanon. It’s FBB policy to oppose the killing of people and breaking of things. And while we hear of the human cost of the war (killing people) and the destruction of some buildings (breaking things) we rarely hear about beer casualties. Yes, that’s right; beer bottles get broken in war. It’s a harsh reality. Some might say not as harsh as the human toll, and here at FBB we agree, but beer bottles are getting broken nonetheless.

Some of those breaking bottles must be of the Lebanese beer Almaza.

From the Almaza web site we learn some things but the first sentence, obviously written before recent events, is just sad:
We believe that the peace in the Middle East is about to happen. The Almaza Brewery already prepares new products resulting from alcoholic beer and non-alcoholic beer , intended to the young people and for all those wishing to avoid alcohol while appreciating the good taste of beer. This drink is natural anddoes not contain preservatives or other chemicals.

During the Nineties, Lebanese consumers have several times tested other beers. Their choice for the Almaza beer is prevailing. The Almaza’s quality and particular taste also succeeded in convincing the foreign consumers.

According to the evaluation guides of beer in the world like "The Beer Lover's Rating Guides" of the Bob Klein American team, regard the Almaza beer as one of the best pilsener beer in the world.

Actually, Almaza does have a good reputation from everything I’ve read on the net. Time to hit Friar Tucks to see if I can get Almaza here.

Let’s all drink an Almaza to peace.

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