Friday, November 28, 2008

Day After Thanksgiving: The Perfect Holiday

I know the day after Thanksgiving isn't a holiday for a lot of people, especially retail workers, but it seems a lot of us do get the day off. Enough of us that it's almost taken for granted anymore. And you know what, it's the best of all holidays because it's absolutely free of any responsibility or tradition. It's simply a day off. And one that leads right into a weekend. Perfect!

Nothing is expected of you on The Day After. You don't have to give or get gifts, attend a dinner or cookout, honor anyone or even have a parade. It's a day off with no strings attached. More of these please!

Sure, there are Black Friday shopping geeks who just have to get up at 5:00 AM and head to the stores, but that's their choice and many of them seem to get some perverse enjoyment out of what sounds like a complete nightmare to me. But that's OK; you shop and I sleep in, everyone is happy.

I have no idea why Abraham Lincoln, who first implemented the Thanksgiving Day holiday in 1863, chose a Thursday on which to celebrate our giving of thanks, but what a wise move it has turned out to be. I'd like to think that he was visionary enough to foresee The Day After.

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