Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Serious Insights: Practically Alone Edition

Traffic is way down here this week. Do people really care more about the holidays than reading stupid blogs? Is that the kind of change President Obama was talking about?


Anonymous said...

The kind of change that he was talking about doesnt exist. How many more Clintonites and Washington insiders is he going to put on his team.

Same ole, Same ole.

Now he is even suggesting keeping the Bush tax cuts to the wealthy in tact and not pulling out of Iraq for quite a while.

Liar, Liar, pants on fire.

doggettmeister said...

Bitter much, Anon? Why don't you wait to chide all us 'koolaid drinkers' when he actually assumes the mantle of the office.

I know it is easy to assume he already is President since compared to our current office holder and his 'stellar' work record.

I think Dave's point was how scarce readers and commenters have been this week, the week of my daughter's Thanksgiving.

Dave shouldn't worry. it is just that state workers have taken time off for an extended vacation and readership will be back up in December when they all return.

Anonymous said...


What are you talking about. I voted for the guy because I hated Hillary and wanted real change. I was promised that the rich would begin paying their fair share. I was promised that we would be out of Iraq and this unjust invasion would end. I was promised that we would have change.

I sure as hell dont see how adding all of the old Clinton administration is bringing about change. We have Rham Emanual as the fricking chief of staff for christs sake. If I knew Obama was just going to hire all of the old Clinton people I would have fricking voted for Hilarry!!!!!

So go stuff your turkey and sit on it!

doggettmeister said...

So you are telling me that you are already judging the guy before he has taken office. You are telling me that you have already divined his acts with what, your crystal ball? The problem is that you don't know anything enough to refer to Obama as a liar.

Filling your cabinet posts with experienced individuals does not imply a lack of change. Filling your posts with experienced individuals who will in principle agree with your direction implies people of your party. Experienced people of the Democratic party will inevitably be linked to the Clintons if they have been around for longer than 8 years.

Like I said bitch about it when he actually assumes the mantle and proves you right rather than what you 'think' is gonna happen otherwise you just make yourself an ass.

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

It is rather simple, really, to understand why Obama picked all the ex-Clintonites that he has. They led this country through eight years of prosperity and the incoming administration wants to tap into their vast array of knowledge.

Personally, I would rather have people advising the president who have a record of economical success than a newbie who is more prone to ideology and wants "change" for "changeness" sake. And let's not forget, Obama is the president (well, at least in 50 days, give or take) and has the ability to fire the happy ass of anyone who he feels doesn't have anymore to contribute or who gets a little lippy.

Now, I'm not fond that he will more than likely pick Hillary for SoS over Kerry (who supported him from the start), but that is why I am unemployed and not one of Obama's inner circle.

Not very nice, or even Christian-like, to threaten a man's wife. Then again, it is shopping season, so be careful of which man's wife you want to whoop ass on; they can bring the pain if need be :) I've also heard Gish is a black-belt in the deadly arts.

doggettmeister said...
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doggettmeister said...


Proceed to my blog if you want to continue to posts threats. It really isn't fair to post on Dave's. I'll even make a whole separate post for you to comment on and we can discuss it there.


Sorry for any inconvenience my comment may have caused.

Dave said...

Sheesh, I leave here for a couple of days and look what goes on. No more threatening people please. Sorry I didn't get to deleting that comment sooner.