Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Recession Psychology

How I’m doing my part to make the recession worse:

1) The wife and I think maybe a new HDTV would be in order.

2) We decide not to buy one right away because: a) We want to make sure we keep our jobs as the recession gets underway and/or b) Maybe the recession will lower prices (Circuit City is filing for bankruptcy!).


doggettmeister said...

I don't think our CC is closing but, if people are looking to Circuit City or Linens N Things for great going out of budiness deals, do your homework. The liquidation companies that tend to get brought in typically raise prices back up to around MSRP and then start by cutting only 10% to 15%. In one area of the U.S., it is cheaper to buy stuff at the CC staying open then it is to buy from the CC liquidating.

SPFLDnet said...

It might be a good idea to invest in a high quality computer monitor and drop cable service for better Internet service. Most television shows can be found on the Internet now anyway.

Anonymous said...

So true about the liquidation thing. I bought a Tassimo coffee maker (single cup thing) at Linens N Things on "sale" only to find out two weeks later that it's cheaper at Target even without a sale! I usually do my homework better than that and was very displeased after that discovery.


doggettmeister said...

I had no idea 'liquidators' did this until I started reading The Consumerist. Actually, I did not even know these companies hired outside companies to manage their going out of business sales.

Here was the link to the story about CC I cited.